Public Realm Improvement


In our quest to improve London’s public realm, CVU has completed three exciting and significant projects this year. The projects were at Mabley Green and Gillender Street on the A12 and on Trinity Road. Each of the sites presented its own challenges in terms of design and delivery which CVU and the Central TfL Highways Operations Team had to overcome. The projects were primarily delivered through the in-house teams with some assistance from specialist supply chain partners. As cities continue to expand globally Public Realm is such an important factor in the wellbeing of communities as well as travelling users of the highway network and London is no exception. Our population is expanding rapidly and our customers have told us that they want London to be a green, beautiful, and accessible.


“The public realm programme that CVU have developed in designing and implementing improvements to areas of the network that were tired and unsightly, has benefited both the highway user and neighbouring communities with a new and appealing street-scene and shows that small interventions can bring about a big change in how people feel about the TLRN, plus also all the environmental and ecological benefits the renewal and expansion of the green estate derives. It has been a tremendous effort by CVU to efficiently deliver this programme and illustrates the high level of collaboration between TfL and CVU in continuous improvement” – Alan Davidson, TfL Central Highways Operations Manager


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