Lights! Camera! Action!


Closing a road is a big task; closing a tunnel is even bigger one! CVU was recently asked to help create a live exercise scenario within the Upper Thames Street Tunnel, to allow the emergency services, City of London and TfL to carry out their responsibilities in a controlled environment.

TfL’s overall aim of the activity was a system check on working procedures between all parties involved, that the tunnel facilities were fully capable of supporting emergency service response to an incident, as well as effective traffic management solutions.

The exercise was called Gallium and it was arranged for there to be two staged accidents, with real actors playing the part of the injured victims. Everyone involved wanted it to be as real to life as possible so they staged an incident of a motor cyclist weaving dangerously through the traffic, resulting in two cars crashing to move out of its way. Further down the tunnel to the cyclists dismay, crashed into a car causing another accident. Emergency services where there on site within minutes and managed to secure the scene as well as use this exercise to practice with new car cutting equipment.

On the day of the event CVU were engaged to provide the logistics and site set up for Gallium to be carried out, which included design drawings for TM, site setup and access control, closing both East and West bores of the Upper Thames St Tunnel, and of course hot refreshments for all involved. With involvement of film crews, London Fire Bridge
and the City of London Police it was a very eventful night.

“The night was a great success! It was pleasing to see CVU being asked to organise such an interesting exercise. Everyone was so professional and it was a good opportunity to see the LFB in action! I did feel for the actors, getting cut out of a car must have been scary!” David Hazelton, Tunnels and Structures Maintenance Manager, CVU.

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