CVU and the Edible Bus Stop

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CVU worked with The Edible Bus Stop TM Ltd, which is an organisation that transforms neglected urban public sites into design-led, community growing spaces. The aim is to produce gardens that promote harmonious meeting areas for people to come together for the good of the neighbourhood and to get to know each other. By gardening and enjoying these community growing spaces, conversation is encouraged, barriers are broken down and skills are shared.

In April 2014 the Edible Bus Stop TM Ltd wanted to create a new ‘Pocket Park’ in West Norwood, SE27. CVU have transformed what was a paved area with lots of bollards to prevent cars parking in the space, into a ‘green’ space with community planting areas and seating.

“As a CVU project manager it is always a pleasure to be part of a project that makes such a difference, in terms of transforming a previously unused space into a resource that the local community can ‘own’ and enjoy,” said Anne Sharp, Project Manager.

Throughout the build CVU have worked closely with Lambeth Council and the Edible Bus Stop to build the pocket park. CVU have been extremely flexible in their approach and have been able to adapt to various design changes as the works have progressed.

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