Festive collaborative working


Marylebone Road and Euston Road make up one of the busiest corridors into London. As such, a huge exercise was undertaken to program and plan works during the December festive period, which given the lower traffic volumes, caused less disruption, in comparison to undertaking these works outside this period.

TfL, CVU and many Utility Companies worked hand in hand to maximise works during this period as traffic was expected to be 25% lower than normal. Works started in earnest on the 26th December, which ranged from footway, horticulture and carriageway works. In total, 202 jobs were completed, with 193 of those being carried out by CVU.
These works have saved an estimated 20 weekends of severe disruption for the users of the A501 Euston Road and Marylebone Road.

“This was an outstanding achievement by CVU. Working closely with TfL, they delivered an enormous amount of work – some involving very significant capacity loss – without causing serious disruption to road users. A very good result indeed!” said, James Booth, WCaP Area Manager, TfL.

“The success of this collaborative working exercise has produced a huge benefit to the travelling public, our client (TfL), the utility companies and CVU. It has demonstrated that early planning, good effective communication and a pro-active approach by all parties, does reap its benefits. This is an excellent example of numerous entities coming together to achieve a common goal; to minimise disruption. A great achievement by all and one that should be shared across other areas of the network, where traffic volumes preclude the access to the network, due to high traffic volumes,” said Joe Figuerdo, Task Order Manager, CVU.

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