Inspections Revolve Around London’s Cyclists

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With World Environment Day in full flow on Thursday 5th June, CVU’s Network Manager and Inspections Team headed out onto London’s roads for a different perspective than normal – the cyclists view of London.

Fully armed with Barclays Bikes and suitable outfits consisting of safety helmets and high visibility jackets, the CVU cyclists made their way around London starting from the south side of London Bridge. On their route they took in some of London’s most famous attractions such as The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The London Eye and of course, Palestra!

The main purpose of the day was to give the Safety Inspectors a greater understanding of how it feels to be a cyclist in London, how defects impact the cyclist and just how little room the vehicles and cyclists share. This will go on to assist the inspectors in the identification of defects on the TLRN.

As it was also World Environment Day, the CVU team used this opportunity to reinforce CVU’s commitment to the use of public transport in London.

“This was a fantastic experience for both me and the Inspections team. Getting the opportunity to see how a cyclist feels on the Network was invaluable and will certainly give greater focus on how we approach things in the future” said Matthew Wilson, Network Manager.

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