CVU delights customer


Trying to get home after a busy day at work, in the cold weather is hard for most, even more so when your mode of transport lets you down.

On the evening of Tuesday 17th February evening CVU received a call from TfL Customer Services explaining they had a distressed member of the public who had his key snapped in his bicycle lock whilst trying to get his cycle unchained.

The member of public was along Upper Richmond Road, so Dhiresh Bhatt, Network Control Room Manager called the CVU Emergency Response Unit, who was working in the area. The ERU team, Muzz Choudhury and Richard Thwaites managed to get the lock cut and the cyclist was able to cycle on his way throughout London to his destination. He expressed his gratitude and thanked the quick response to be able to carry out his journey.

“To be able to help the people of London is why we are working in this industry and on this contract. These little things can make people’s day and anything we can do to help, gives LoHAC a name that the people of London can trust and rely upon.” Dhiresh Bhatt, CVU Network Control Room Manager.

“This is the sort of small act of kindness that will delight our customers. The more we can do of this sort of thing, the more we can imbed LoHAC as a force for good within the community.” Alan Davidson, Highways Operations Manager TfL.

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