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Public Realm Improvement


In our quest to improve London’s public realm, CVU has completed three exciting and significant projects this year. The projects were at Mabley Green and Gillender Street on the A12 and on Trinity Road. Each of the sites presented its own challenges in terms of design and delivery which CVU and the Central TfL Highways Operations Team had to overcome. The projects were primarily delivered through the in-house teams with some assistance from specialist supply chain partners. As cities continue to expand globally Public Realm is such an important factor in the wellbeing of communities as well as travelling users of the highway network and London is no exception. Our population is expanding rapidly and our customers have told us that they want London to be a green, beautiful, and accessible.


“The public realm programme that CVU have developed in designing and implementing improvements to areas of the network that were tired and unsightly, has benefited both the highway user and neighbouring communities with a new and appealing street-scene and shows that small interventions can bring about a big change in how people feel about the TLRN, plus also all the environmental and ecological benefits the renewal and expansion of the green estate derives. It has been a tremendous effort by CVU to efficiently deliver this programme and illustrates the high level of collaboration between TfL and CVU in continuous improvement” – Alan Davidson, TfL Central Highways Operations Manager


CVU Apprentices Giving Back





It was back to school for CVU this July, as 2 of our Apprentices were invited to Samuel Rhodes Secondary School, to deliver a careers presentation for the students. Samuel Rhodes – a Special Needs School located in the borough of Islington – provides an outstanding education for over one hundred pupils aged between 11 and 16, who have moderate learning difficulties.

CVU Apprentices, Gidel Essien, Business Administration Apprentice, and Charlie Morris, Highways Operative Apprentice, led the presentation which focused on the wide ranging opportunities, roles and careers available for young people within the construction industry. Gidel and Charlie also spoke to the students about their individual roles within CVU and the industry as a whole, as well as discussing the benefits they have experienced from participating in the apprentice programme offered by CVU. Gidel and Charlie really engaged with the young people and held an extensive Q&A session with the students who had lots of interesting questions for them.

‘‘I was very happy to share my experiences with the students and I enjoyed talking to them about the skills I have learnt whilst working at CVU on the apprenticeship programme. The Pupils seemed very interested in construction and what the industry has to offer – it would be great to see some of these students on work experience here at CVU.’’ Gidel Essien.

After our apprentices delivered their presentation, it was over to Heather Isidore – Training and Equalities Manager, who then led a mock interview session with the students. This session was designed to give the students a real taste of what it would be like to meet with potential employers and undergo a formal interview. All of the students really enjoyed this part of the day and all were eager to have a practice interview.

Overall the day was a huge a success, made more rewarding by the fact that the students were so happy to participate in the sessions – CVU look forward to working with these inspirational students again soon.


CVU and the Edible Bus Stop

Edible news


CVU worked with The Edible Bus Stop TM Ltd, which is an organisation that transforms neglected urban public sites into design-led, community growing spaces. The aim is to produce gardens that promote harmonious meeting areas for people to come together for the good of the neighbourhood and to get to know each other. By gardening and enjoying these community growing spaces, conversation is encouraged, barriers are broken down and skills are shared.

In April 2014 the Edible Bus Stop TM Ltd wanted to create a new ‘Pocket Park’ in West Norwood, SE27. CVU have transformed what was a paved area with lots of bollards to prevent cars parking in the space, into a ‘green’ space with community planting areas and seating.

“As a CVU project manager it is always a pleasure to be part of a project that makes such a difference, in terms of transforming a previously unused space into a resource that the local community can ‘own’ and enjoy,” said Anne Sharp, Project Manager.

Throughout the build CVU have worked closely with Lambeth Council and the Edible Bus Stop to build the pocket park. CVU have been extremely flexible in their approach and have been able to adapt to various design changes as the works have progressed.

Paving the way for the future


On Monday 7th July CVU welcomed six work placement students from La Retraite School all girl’s school in Lambeth. The six students were placed into seven departments in CVU, including design, core services, tunnels and structures, control room, admin, procurement and commercial. All six students got to experience what it is like to work in CVU and to understand the fundamental elements that create the roles; from design, planning and delivery.

The young ladies got a chance to meet the Senior Management team (SMT) which was a great opportunity for the students to hear about what the SMT carry out, but also for the SMT to understand how this opportunity can create a window into the field of engineering for these students.

During the week CVU held a “Meet the Team” event, with TfL hosting. This event is an internal monthly event where each department gets a chance to showcase their team and explain and talk about projects they are working on. The six students also got a chance to visit a site on the network; A10 Bishopsgate. Here they got to see the different side of engineering and the actual plans that they had been working on in design come to life.

“The girls were wonderful to work with, I hope this has given them a taste of working life and encouraged them to consider a future in Engineering… though we don’t have barbeques and Le Tour every week!” said Kunle Kolaru, Managing Director CVU.

Inspections Revolve Around London’s Cyclists

Bike ride news


With World Environment Day in full flow on Thursday 5th June, CVU’s Network Manager and Inspections Team headed out onto London’s roads for a different perspective than normal – the cyclists view of London.

Fully armed with Barclays Bikes and suitable outfits consisting of safety helmets and high visibility jackets, the CVU cyclists made their way around London starting from the south side of London Bridge. On their route they took in some of London’s most famous attractions such as The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The London Eye and of course, Palestra!

The main purpose of the day was to give the Safety Inspectors a greater understanding of how it feels to be a cyclist in London, how defects impact the cyclist and just how little room the vehicles and cyclists share. This will go on to assist the inspectors in the identification of defects on the TLRN.

As it was also World Environment Day, the CVU team used this opportunity to reinforce CVU’s commitment to the use of public transport in London.

“This was a fantastic experience for both me and the Inspections team. Getting the opportunity to see how a cyclist feels on the Network was invaluable and will certainly give greater focus on how we approach things in the future” said Matthew Wilson, Network Manager.