CVU sees the recruitment, development and retention of high-calibre personnel as an investment for the future and we continue to commit significant resources to this key corporate activity.

The framework covers 23 services, including lighting and winter maintenance. Flexibility in the contracts means that boroughs are free to choose which elements will deliver the greatest benefits.

By using these contracts, up to £450m could be saved by avoiding expensive tendering costs, better working practices, coordinated working and better use of resources, plant and fleet.

Chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee Councillor Catherine West said: “The London Highways Alliance Contract will mean better roads for Londoners at a lower cost.”

Each framework which will run for eight years from April 2013 until the end of March 2021 will cover specific geographic areas of London.

Our Values

workCommunity involvement and care

We will drive implementation of the Equality & Supplier Diversity and Strategic Labour Needs and Training plans. These will be delivered by our E&SD Manager, who also has excellent London experience. CVU will engage with and employ local and disadvantaged people and help to stimulate the local economy by appointing SMEs to our supply chain.

Care for our people

CVU will operate our tried and tested TUPE process, which facilitates smooth transfer and continued invested knowledge. There will be timely engagement and effective communication throughout and a proactive approach that includes the early secondment of staff and development of the mobilisation plan with client teams.

Care for customers

The whole CVU team understand and are committed to excellence in customer service. Our ‘Moment of Truth’ training will ensure professional customer care from the first contact leading to improved customer satisfaction and PR. We empower our people to make the right decisions at the right level, and avoid undue escalation and delay.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As part of our commitment to support the Mayor’s pledge to reduce carbon emissions, we are encouraging all of our staff to maximise their use of sustainable transport methods to and from work, such as; public transport, cycling or walking. This will in turn reduce CVU’s own carbon footprint, and reduce the impact on traffic around our sites and the limited parking spaces available. For your own personal travel plan to and from work, please visit the TfL website

Examples of how we are supporting the Mayor’s pledge include:

  • Producing a CVU Green Travel Plan – to promote and encourage sustainable travel
  • Giving all driving staff green driving training
  • Promoting cycling by providing secure and dedicated cycle ports
  • ssuing the HTMA Green Driver Booklet to all staff

Equal Opportunities

CVU is working to become a diverse, safe, efficient, integrated and sustainable organisation in which fairness is a foundation stone for all our activities in employment, working with the public, clients or with our supply chain and other stakeholders.

We aim to promote and maintain equality of opportunities for all employees and job applicants regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, gender re-assignment, pregnancy or maternity, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age or disability and will ensure that no condition will be imposed without justification, which could disadvantage individuals purely on any of the above grounds.

Our commitment is to maintain a fair and inclusive working environment, free from harassment, bullying, victimisation and intimidation and to encourage diversity in the workplace which reflects the diversity of the working population as a whole in our areas of operation.

Any act of discrimination or failure to comply with these aims will result in disciplinary action.