Bravery at its finest

Danny Morris

London is a very busy place with a lot of things happening all at the same time, and some things can sometimes go unnoticed; but not all things.

A few weeks ago, a few members of the CVU team with TfL attended a site meeting along
Pentonville Road by Angel Mews. Whilst there, the group noticed two ladies had pulled their car over and it had started smoking. On moving closer to the vehicle the group noticed that it had actually caught fire.

While Firaz Miraz TfL, ran over to the car to tell the ladies it’s not safe and to get out of the vehicle, Danny Morris from CVU moved into action straight away. Danny ran into the nearby shops asking for fire extinguishers and ran to the aid of the women and started putting the fire out. This took him several minutes and while more local shop owners brought out their extinguishers, Danny continued to put the fire out on his own.

“I feel like his bravery should be known, as no one else wanted to go near the car and I believe he provided a great service today,” said Tracey Smith Regional Planner TfL.

“Lena and I, with TfL was just taking part in the usual site visit, when we all noticed this car was smoking. I don’t know what came over me but I knew I just had to help. I knew there were a few local shops nearby so I just ran to get some form of help as the car looked so unsafe. I am just happy I could help and that no one was hurt.” Danny Morris, Project Manager CVU.

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