Beep! Beep! CVU upgrades fleet!

new fleet

Over the last few weeks, CVU have acquired a new Euro VI fleet. At present we have replaced four ERUs (Emergency Response Units), plus upgrading to the Euro VI Standard.

To aid the gangs, the vehicles have all been fitted with internal racking to allow a safe place for everyday items being carried, as well as keeping the vehicles more tidy. CVU have also added a ‘key out system’ to allow the driver to be able to remove the keys and lock the vehicle whilst leaving the engine running. This allows the vehicle to continue to use its beacons, whilst ensuring the vehicle is secure, which is useful for the ERU gangs when dealing with responses at night.

These vehicles also have LED beacons on the roof and on the rear and front grille, this means less drain on the battery and not having to constantly change bulbs. LED lighting also provides a more visible illumination during the day. One major addition to the new ERUs is that each one has been fitted with a light arrow board to help ensure road users are aware in advance of any incidents and direct them to the next lane well in advance of the incident.

“The introduction of the new vehicles shows our commitment to having a green fleet whilst also looking to add safety and awareness features to the vehicles, especially on the ERU vehicle with the matrix board on the back to give even greater advanced warning to oncoming traffic.” Dhiresh Bhatt, Network Manager CVU.

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