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At the beginning of the year CVU implemented carriageway works along Tower Bridge Road. Tower Hill is a very prestigious location in the City as it hosts the historic Tower of London. Not only does Tower Bridge Road have many sites and attractions it is also a very busy location as it is a gateway into the city.

As with all schemes the residents and local business were notified of these works taking place in advance, but with all resurfacing programmes there is a higher volume of noise. Premier Inn was one business that was affected by the noise of the scheme.

Simon Ditton, CVU Surfacing Manager, liaised with Premier Inn, making sure that the noise was managed and that residents staying at the hotel were not disrupted.

“A surfacing supervisor and I called in to the hotel and sat down with the hotel manager to talk over the programme of works. We then revisted the hotel a few times over the period of the works to keep the manager updated so he could let the guests know what was taking place and at what times.” Simon Ditton CVU Surfacing Manager.

During the works all plant and lorries was parked away from the hotel to prevent any further noise disruption for the hotel and surrounding businesses. From when the scheme started the Premier Inn received 15 complaints on the first night because of the works, even though they had prior knowledge, however, as CVU liaised with the hotel and put in place extra noise restricting procedures the complaints fell down to only three.

“As with any resurfacing scheme there will always be an element of noisy works and this sometimes proves difficult to manage due to the location of the works and sound travelling along high buildings. However, engaging with businesses are the key to keeping people satisfied. As long as they are notified and they know and understand what is taking place, I have found that they are happy for us to get the job done. After being at the job at Tower Hill the hotel manager was surprised how quickly the works were executed and praised us on this.” Simon Ditton, CVU Surfacing Manager.

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